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200 Years of Rugby celebrated here in Ventnor this Saturday 4th

12:00 pm 4 February 2023
1:00 pm 4 February 2023

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the game of Rugby, 200 hundred rugby balls are being sent out around the world to help raise awareness of the game and this great anniversary. Our town of Ventnor has been chosen to receive one of the globally sent out rugby balls to be involved in this great event. Ventnor is the only town on the Island and is one of the very first recipients of these anniversary Rugby balls.

An event has been organised by local resident John Bagshawe who went to Rugby School, to celebrate this great achievement in Ventnor being selected to receive one of the 200 Rugby balls globally.

To acknowledge this great accolade there is a symbolic passing of the Rugby ball taking place this Saturday 4th at 12:00 midday down on the Esplanade by the Rotunda. Our own local film maker David George will be filming the event which will be part of a global film celebrating the 200th anniversary around the world. Members of the Free School rugby team will be involved along with senior members of the Ventnor Rugby Club. This great event has been recognised internationally by many of the games greats from all era’s.

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2 February 2023
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2 February 2023
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