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The almost one in three of its population over retirement age compares with the just over a quarter (27.77%) of the Island’s 142,000 whole population and one in five of the population of England & Wales.

Source: UK Office for National Statistics (web).
Source: UK Office for National Statistics (web).

The Ward based figures conceal even greater variations between smaller areas of the town. As regeneration programmes have increasingly concentrated on neighbourhoods, the government increasingly provides statistics for each of what it calls Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs). There are 34,378 in England & Wales with 89 on the Island and 4 in Ventnor. The boundaries – and official numbers – of Ventnor’s 4 are:

Within these areas the percentage of the population over retirement age varies from a low of 20.30% in 018D, through 25.79% in 018A and 33.38% in 018B to a high of 47.20% in 018C.

31 January 2022
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22 March 2022