Cllr Steve Cooper

Gills Cliff Road, Ventnor, PO38 1AD
01983 854910
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I am excited to join Ventnor town council and to work with other dedicated councillors. I am committed in caring for our climate and environment and hope that our town can become a beacon example to other island towns on driving down our carbon footprint.
Fiscal prudence while bringing the best possible services to our town is of paramount concern to me, as is listening to the local voice of the community to inform all council decisions. I am a strong believer in openness and ethical leadership and look forward to proactively engaging with local residents to ensure their voice is heard and that we collectively continue to improve our special town.
I have lived in Ventnor for over 20 years now and have been on the island for over 37 years. I have 2 sons who are island born and bred and have served on the Governing body of the former Sandown High School and as a Corporation board member of the Isle of Wight College. In my professional life I am currently a full time National Official for the National Education Union (NEU), providing support and guidance to school and college leaders across 3 of the UK nations. I have served and represented people for nearly 40 years in trade union and other representative roles, always focusing on solutions and never the problem.
I have also worked in the electronics industry, managed health and safety for the Isle of Wight College, together with careers in the jewellery trade and leisure industry.
20 January 2022
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20 January 2022