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Ventnor Well-Being Café Platinum Jubilee Party

On a fabulously sunny day last week (Wednesday) the Ventnor Well-Being café held a small Platinum Jubilee party and barbeque for its members at Salisbury Gardens on the terrace. With a background of period music from the era and members dressed up it was all set for a great occasion.

Many of the group attended and the Jubilee party event was further highlighted with the Town Mayor Steph Toogood joining the group for the afternoon. She handed out some well-deserved merit awards on behalf of the café for certain people who have gone the extra mile in helping the group in some way.

These were well received and totally unexpected by the recipients of this thank you from the group. Group members Roger and Patricia were thanked for their time and effort in looking after the Groups allotment at St Boniface fields, without their help and expertise the plot wouldn’t be as successful as it is. Next we saw Rachel the town council’s admin assistant get a big thank you for all of the help she gives to the group. Sionna got a thank you for her boundless energy with helping the group with their arts and crafts, she is full of enthusiasm and as such this is reflected within the group. Nigel S B one of the council’s officers got thank you for assisting and supporting the group wherever and whenever needed.

Steph Toogood was handed a bouquet of flowers by one of the youngest helpers to the group Elsie who is Terri’s granddaughter supported by her other grandchildren Lucy and Ada. Steph Toogood is a great supporter of the group along with Cllr John Watkins and the Wellbeing café members all truly appreciate the efforts made by them and the Town Council in providing such a fabulous and much needed community resource which provides so much comfort to its members.

Terri Exposite the café’s co-ordinator was handed a surprise bouquet by her Daughter Holly for her tireless efforts in making the Café such a success and safe haven for the group at all times, one of Terri’s great phrases is ‘ we’re here to help, not to judge’ that says it all really.
The barbeque was a great success indeed , food was excellent and a big special thanks to Anna who stepped up to the mark and was chef for the day, everyone enjoyed the afternoon, and the group are excitingly planning the next barbeque.

5 June 2022
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7 June 2022
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