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People urged to respect partial closure on Ventnor Eastern Promenade

Please do not put yourself at risk by ignoring closure signs and temporary barriers along Ventnor esplanade, the Isle of Wight Council said today (Thursday).

The warning follows several days of pounding waves which have battered the eastern promenade and undermined a 25-foot section of the sea wall, making it extremely dangerous for people to use.

A section of the revetment, just beyond Ventnor Skatepark, was closed last Friday after a site inspection revealed cracking and voiding to part of the coastal defences.

Since then the council said the damage had worsened with two large concrete panels collapsing into the sea during Tuesday’s storm surge.  

Natasha Dix, the council’s strategic manager for environment, said: “We cannot stress strongly enough the need for people to stay away from the site. The recent storms and high tides have carved out a large void underneath the promenade that extends some 25-feet.

“It would be extremely dangerous for anyone to try to walk along there and we would ask everyone to respect the closure for their own safety.

“We also wish to reassure the community that the area continues to be monitored daily and that we are working closely with the Environment Agency and other partners on immediate remedial works and potential options for the future.” 

14 November 2022
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24 November 2022
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