Cllr John Watkins

3a Albert Street, Ventnor PO38 1EZ
07484 230254
Additional Information
After a stint in education overseas, I landed on these fair shores with my wife in 2016. Prior to this I was a small business owner with a background in ichthyology specializing in tropical fish. I sold my business to follow my then new wife in her international teaching career. In doing so, I worked in special needs departments instructing students in maths and language skills.

As a former Town Councillor in Wiltshire, I was especially keen to work in community centred activities in the various countries we lived, recognising cultural similarities as well as new ways of tackling problems.

Widely read and travelled, I recognise the vital importance of the diverse individuals who make up our unique community. As a fierce advocate for inclusive practices, I therefore recognise that each has a part to play in shaping our community.

My areas of interest and concern are social and emotional isolation, the challenges facing our youth, and the critical importance of mental health/brain health, vital for the development of a prosperous and happy Ventnor. I acknowledge the long-standing problem of social deprivation in Ventnor which must be addressed as a matter of great urgency and welcome all advice to eliminate this suffering.

No matter the problem, you will find me an ardent listener who is readily available to support you whilst we seek solutions for your concerns.
20 January 2022
Last Updated
7 July 2022